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What to Expect

Online Therapy is very similar to traditional face to face therapy except it is achieved via video-conferencing via laptop, mobile phone or other device.  We can have sessions via video so we can both see and hear each other, or audio only depending on your preference.  Evidence shows that online therapy is just as effective as traditional face to face therapy and comes with many benefits. 

It may feel a little strange talking to someone on a screen at first but I can assure you that most clients soon get used to it and actually come to prefer it.  Many clients have reported that they feel less judged and as such feel more able to be open and honest than they might be face to face with a therapist, especially if there is shame involved.  

In preparation for a session I always recommend that it is a good idea to choose a time when you are unlikely to be disturbed so that we don't have any interruptions.   Similarly it good to have a little time after a session to 'decompress' and allow yourself time to gently and compassionately process what we might have covered.  Sessions usually last for 55 minutes.  

Please click here to read about the types of therapy available.

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